Our Firm

Jami Cliff & Partners LLP has grown to become a leading national and international firm while remaining steeped in a culture with client service and teamwork as the cornerstones of all that we do. We develop, assemble and nurture the strongest and broadest array of legal talent and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.

Our lawyers practice across a wide range of industries—locally, nationally, and globally. Whether your matter is focused on a single issue or crosses disciplines (or borders), we put together the most effective and efficient teams to collaborate with your people, always keeping your goals and bottom line in mind. Find out how we can best serve you.

We often represents public and private companies that form new entities, buy or sell a business, or that wind down and dissolve. We also draft and negotiate contracts for owners, vendors, and employees with precision. We have served as business legal counsel to numerous companies to resolve disputes and to prevent them.

Our Firm makes the complex simple when we clarify key terms, protect company owners, and simplify the legal process. We regularly represents companies to resolve problems, stay protected, and get results. Our counsel advises on a variety of corporate matters, such as contract breaches, and serves as outsourced or fractional chief legal officers to your company. This is often an excellent alternative to hiring a full-time general counsel for many companies.

Legal counsel from us regularly serves as Outsourced General Counsel to companies and nonprofits. This allows your company to have an established relationship with the firm and access to on-going legal counsel when you need it. Our team works with your company to regularly review internal operations, agreements with vendors, negotiate mergers or acquisitions, and addresses legal questions as soon as they arise. We also provide outside legal opinions independent of your organization. As such, you have the benefit of high-value corporate legal counsel at a fraction of the price.

Our service is designed for companies and nonprofits that are proactive about their corporate legal transactions. It allows them to protect their organization and to anticipate problems before they occur. This can greatly reduce the chance of future litigation and help founders structure an exit from the company. The role of Outsourced General Counsel is to collaborate with your CEO and the entire C-Suite to create the legal strategy and objectives specific to your organization. From there, our team works with yours to help execute those objectives.

Please email us using office@jami-cliff.com to schedule your Legal Assistance Consultation. Due to Covid 19, we work virtually assisting Local and Global Clients wherever they may be through our affiliated network of Lawyers and Advocates in Europe, Asia & Africa.

*Our fee is in accordance to the DC Bar Association Regulations with the minimum charge being USD 100/per hour.*