How to Pay the fee USD 280 Using Bitcoin

3.On the "how much to buy" Dialog Box put "0.040" in the BTC box and you will get the equivalent to pay the Authorized seller using your preferred payment methods and then click "Send trade request" Button.

4.After Clicking the "Send trade request" Button the Seller will provide you with the terms of payment and also the Payment methods which include Local Bank transfer, MobileMoney Payment or Cash in person.This will be done using the chat box which will open after you have click the "Send trade request" Button

5.Follow the payment instructions provided by the Authorized Seller to pay the seller for the purchase of "0.040" Bitcoins by either Bank transfer,Mobile Money etc and then click the "I have Paid" button so that your payment can be confirmed and the Bitcoins released into your wallet by the Authorized seller.

8. After the Step 7 above please confirm the fee has been sent by clicking the "Transactions" button on your wallet or click the link below;
a)Copy the 64 characters "txid" for the transaction that sent the fee to our receiving address 13TJYQL3vZQQTADcuqCbXoE9uegrcA8VS5
b) Email the "txid" to so that we confirm the payment and open and activate your account for you to begin the certification process.