Our History

Our Law Firm is the dynamic, prominent firm it is today as the result of the leadership of individual, outstanding attorneys and thoughtful mergers that strengthened our practice areas, culture and philosophies.

Today, the firm’s attorneys provide a full range of services to domestic and international clients who conduct business all over the world. Counseling clients from what was initially a local context to regional, then national, and now a global economic environment.

Our law firm has overlaid its broad range of legal skills and business knowledge with a commitment to innovation and technology.we bring process rigor and disciplined creativity to every facet of legal practice. Our unique approach enables us to experiment with new processes, delivery models, and initiatives that drive growth for clients while advancing the practice of law.

The culture of any law firm finds its truest expression in client service. That’s why we nurture a service-oriented culture grounded in our core values: collegiality, teamwork, loyalty, diversity, individual satisfaction, fairness, and professional development. For more than a century, those values have guided our ongoing investments in our people, enabling us to attract, retain, and grow the best legal and professional talent.

The firm is truly proud of its heritage and continues to write history every day.

Please email us using office@jami-cliff.com to schedule your Legal Assistance Consultation. Due to Covid 19, we work virtually assisting Local and Global Clients wherever they may be through our affiliated network of Lawyers and Advocates in Europe, Asia & Africa.

*Our fee is in accordance to the DC Bar Association Regulations with the minimum charge being USD 100/per hour.*